What is a brave leap?

Change is a process of navigating hope and fear.

Change is seeing what we really want but also being terrified by it or what it takes to get it. It’s so easy to become exhausted by the back and forth and lose the energy to actually move forward.

A brave leap is when you face that fear, see that hope, and decide to go for it. For some it’s a small step like deciding to speak up in a group, or take a dance class, or ask someone on a date. For others it’s big things like changing jobs, or moving to another country, or leaving an unhappy relationship.

Why does it matter that we take brave leaps?

Because when you free yourself from numbness and fear, it not only makes your life better, it makes everyone’s life around you better.

Because when you take a leap, you learn to trust and love yourself.

Because although we feel alone when we are stuck in fear, being vulnerable and taking risks actually connects us to one another more deeply.

When we take a risk, we feel more powerful. Taking action and making choices makes us more joyful. The pain is in the indecision, not the action.

When we take a risk, we connect to our shared humanity through our fear and vulnerability.

Living in the pain of indecision and powerlessness makes us closed, fearful, and stingy with our love and happiness. We resent other people’s happiness. We are jealous and small and stuck in scarcity.

When we realize that even the “wrong” decision is less painful than indecision and inaction, we become capable of crafting a life, and a world, that we want to live in.

We take a risk, try something new, then recalibrate. Step by step, we build trust in ourselves and satisfaction and joy in our lives. We start to encourage others to find their happiness, to craft their meaningful life too.

We expand.
We create.
We share.

When we realize it is possible to change our own lives, we expand our capacity for joy, fulfillment, and connection. We want more, not only for ourselves, but for others. Read the guiding principles of this community here.

When we believe we can have what we want and stop settling for less, we are braver, kinder, and more generous. We believe we can create a better world, so we do.

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