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What stage of change are you in right now? Check out the resources here for ideas no matter where you are in your brave leap.

Contemplating making a leap?

The first thing to look at is where you are now. Understanding your status quo, what’s keeping you there, and what you want are all necessary before you can figure out if a leap is even something you want to consider. Use this worksheet to help you understand what you’d like to change in your life. (Your email is never shared).


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Stuck in fear?

This is when you know something needs to change but you can’t seem to get it started. You can feel it in your gut but maybe you wish it wasn’t there. Fear is an incredibly powerful motivator. Or de-motivator. Finding ways to work with your fear will help you start to move forward.

Some great questions to work through the fear come from Jonathan Fields, who is a brilliant author, entrepreneur, and speaker. Check out his Good Life Project Creed, which is completely amazing and inspiring. I have used these questions to get myself moving when I’ve been stuck on a difficult decision that I’m afraid to make, even though I know I need to take action.

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When you look at the four possible outcomes, it begins to highlight where your fear is holding you stuck. And what you really stand to gain, or lose, by inaction. For more on this approach, read Jonathan’s post on the subject here.

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For more inspiration, check out Brené Brown’s second TED talk here:

Trying to keep momentum or take a new leap?

Once we have begun to make change, or even once we’ve completed it, there are still moments when we doubt whether it is a good idea to keep going. Uncertainty and resistance don’t just surface before we’ve taken action, they hang around like unwanted houseguests leaving dirty dishes and muddy footprints all over the place. Just when you think you’ve got it nailed…!

The reality is the cycle of change goes like this:

Cycle of change

…and once we’ve expanded, we are no longer the same. We’re bigger. Better. More capable. Which means we need to keep expanding our horizons in order to keep feeling fulfilled. It can feel like a drag to realize you’re not done, especially if you’ve made a big leap to get where you are. But the beauty of it is that every time we take a risk, we get a little smarter and a little stronger. But sometimes we need a little help to keep going, especially if the people in our lives aren’t all 100% behind the change. Try the worksheet below for some ideas on how to maintain your momentum (don’t worry, I will never share your email).


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