Want to know what other people have said about working with me? Read on!

Romney Grant“Perceptive, compassionate and most importantly real, Tricia delivers smart, practical advice. No doublespeak. And she’s a really good egg too. I don’t hesitate to recommend Tricia to anyone considering a coach.”

Romney Grant


Mike LarockTricia has a tremendous capacity to listen and provide valued advice as an executive coach. We worked on existing issues and she helped me to arrive at important solutions for the future of our organization. I highly recommend Tricia’s knowledge and creative leadership approach.”

Mike Larock


Kim Hutmacher

“Tricia manages to guide you into the core of your goals, challenges and motivations in a manner that allows you clarity you can’t reach on your own. You and everyone around you will be better for the time you spend. She reminds me of a extreme adventure guide in the business world!”

Kim Hutmacher

Sam Banton Smith


Coaching with Tricia brought clarity and inspiration that is still influencing my journey today.”

Sam Banton-Smith


Chris Diganci“Tricia was always such an important person in both the company culture and in my own development as a leader. I never understood how she could be such a positive influence while having to balance what was right for the employee while being so good at the needs of the company, but she pulled it off brilliantly.”

Chris DiGanci


Tricia is a very passionate and caring person. She is an extremely gifted mentor Dotpicwho has a real talent for listening and drawing out your hidden talents and skills in order to guide you toward your goals. She has exceptional listening and communication skills and she empowers people to reach higher in both their personal and professional lives. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Tricia, and would love to do so again in the future.”

Dorothy Williams


Jenn Trucks“Tricia is an exceptional leader that has a passion for helping individuals discover their true authentic capabilities that are hidden within themselves. Her passion for people is always present in everything she does. She is incredibly gifted at listening and communication with others.”

Jennifer Trucks




I would whole-heartedly recommend working with Tricia in any capacity. She is kind, compassionate, extremely intelligent, and just a pleasure to be around.”

Chris Buckshaw