Ways to work together

Jump start session

Not quite ready for an ongoing commitment? This one-shot introductory deal is a great way to see if coaching is for you. Start with Water-Ripples-and-Greenery.pngone focused, practical session that will highlight what you want to change and give you the tools to move forward on your own. If you want more, we can move to one of the packages below. You get:
  • one 90-minute session in person or on skype
  • a clear understanding of what you need to shift
  • practical tools to help you take the next step
Contact me to find out more.


Personal Transformation

This comprehensive package is three to four months in length, and gives you step-by-step support as you transform yourself and your life. You get:
  • one 60-90-minute personalized intake session that generates a laser focus on what you want to accomplish
  • two 60-minute calls or skype sessions per month
  • clearly defined, personalized objectives for your coaching program that focus on tangible, observable results
  • accountability to meet your goals through written commitments each session
  • telephone and email support between sessions
  • custom-designed practices to work on your developing goals in between sessions



Ready to go or want more information? Our first conversation is a chance to explore what you want to work on and whether I’m the right coach for you.

Contact me for a free, no-obligation chat to see how we might work together.


Transformation Workshops for Groups

Have a group of friends or colleagues who are interested in taking their impact to the next level? Transformation workshops are an excellent way to get the benefit of coaching practices and deep insight while sharing the experience with others. It is also a more affordable way to learn the tools to move from uncertainty into action.stairs-8443_1920

What is included:

  • an initial consultation to determine your group goals
  • a customized coaching plan that identifies how many sessions and over what time frame
  • specific exercises and practices in each workshop to create self-awareness, remove obstacles, and increase your capacity
  • accountability to meet your goals through the support of the group
Contact me if you would like to join the next public group session or have a group of your own.